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Chompy Chews was founded by dog lovers who love to see their best friend/s live their best life and enjoy every moment. Too often dogs of all shapes and sizes are not treated right, left in shelters, and ignored/abandoned all because the owners were not able to take care of them properly.


Australia's #1 Dog Pool For Summer
Summer is coming and you know what that means.... it's heating up fast! Did you know your dog is not able to cool themselves down as effectively as you because they do not sweat like you? Unlike our ability to sweat all over, your dog is only able to sweat through the pads of their paws which means they take longer to release the excess moisture from their lungs and will pant to sweat it out. When the humidity gets too high, your dog will be unable to cool themselves fast enough. This will skyrocket their body temperature to dangerous levels - very quickly! Introducing our Foldable Dog Pool!


Australia’s Highest Rated Soft Calming Plush Bed's
Did you know that 70% of dogs will experience anxiety in their lifetime? Most owners are not even aware their dog is suffering from anxiety. This makes it hard to help them overcome the problem and break through their silent suffering. When it comes to keeping your dog happy and safe, it can be tough to understand how they are feeling. Our Soft Calming Plush Bed's give your dog the sense of security they need with the soft fur and rounded donut design. It helps to make them feel safe and secure in their bed because it imitates the feeling of being surrounded by other puppies cozied up with their mother. Chompy Chews provides the best solution to your dog's anxiety & stress at an affordable price.
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