Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower
Cat Condo Scratch Tower

Cat Condo Scratch Tower

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Australia's #1 Cat Condo Scratch Tower | 30% OFF Autumn Sale

Our cats love to play and scratch around the house, but it's usually the wrong things like our couch or wooden furniture (the things we DON'T want them scratching!).

They do this because their claws need regular sharpening to say healthy and strong which means they scratch to remove frayed, worn outer claws allowing their new and sharper claws to come through.

This never ends and is a normal part of your cat remaining healthy, strong and active but it doesn't sit well with your furniture and couch...

Introducing our Cat Condo Scratch Tower! It was designed to allow your cat a safe place to scratch and remove any frayed or worn claws allowing their new ones to come through without issues. Your cat loves to scratch as a way to express their emotions, happiness, excitement or even stress so it is important to let them do it in a safe place.

Why Choose Our Cat Condo Scratch Tower

✔️ Protects your furniture and couch and other areas in your home from being scratched and damaged by your cat

✔️ Gives your cat a safe place to scratch without damaging your couch or furniture.

✔️ Allows your cat to safely remove frayed or worn out claws and expose their new and sharper claws.

✔️ Purrfect to let your cat express their emotions by scratching away on their own toy and not your home.

✔️ An outlet for cats if they are stressed or anxious and need to relax and de-stress (kind of like humans talking about their problems).

✔️ Relieves any uncertainty or fear your cat may have about their surroundings because they can go high up the multi-level tower and see what is going on around them.

✔️ Strong & durable so it will last a long time and won't break after a few scratches

✔️ A comfortable place for your cat to hide away in whenever they are scared or need some alone time

✔️ Uses environmentally friendly and pet-friendly materials so it is safe for your cat to use

✔️ Quick & Easy to install with step-by-step instructions that come with your order.

✔️ 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

✔️ 2,000+ Australian Happy Customers

✔️ Australian Owned & Shipped From Australia

About Our Cat Condo Scratch Tower

Indulge your cat with their new Cat Condo Scratch Tower. As the saying goes ‘happy scratch happy cat’.

Watch your furry friends perform the craziest things with our exquisitely built Cat Condo. A perfect play area for your cats. Cats love climbing, jumping around with bursts of excitement! With its specially structured multi-layers, this cat condo does not limit their happiness.

A unique cat-friendly design that engages revitalizing playtime with a place to rest. Let your cat crave its natural instincts such as practicing hunting, enhancing its reflex, or scratching to mark its territory. Your cat must nurture its inner capabilities to tackle real-life situations when they go around exploring. Your cat’s very own private getaway!

Safeguard your furniture. Let your cat enjoy their new toy and save your fashionable furniture from their ‘extra attention'. Your cat should love this even more than their current objects of attention.

Built with the quality so fine it can easily withstand your cat’s abrupt movements. MDF provides exceptional stability and helps it stay stiff all the time. Easily hang in their favourite toys for around the post. The entire structure is threaded with natural sisal for your cat to scratch without worry. Sisal provides greater durability, helps their paws stay neat and tidy. Featuring a beautiful exterior with its luxurious plush cover.

A fun and interactive way to keep your cat active and attentive. Start meowing! Order one now.

What's included in your order:

    • 1x Cat Condo Scratch Tower

Guarantee and Shipping

Every order from our brand receives a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if your Cat Condo Scratch Tower arrives and it is not as described, damaged, or broken, or you are unhappy with it, no worries, simply email us and receive 100% of your money back.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Australia from Victoria & New South Wales.

*Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for shipping Australia-wide during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding!

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